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“This was incredibly written and so inspiring. You did a great job. I really enjoyed reading this.”

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After experiencing the death of her brother, Jamie is faced with the reality of mortality. As a result, she struggles with perfectionism, compulsive planning and people-pleasing most of her life as she tries her best to control the future. Near the inevitable end of her first marriage, Jamie finds herself feeling lost and determines to embark on a self-love journey to happiness, purpose and lifestyle success.

Jamie proves that we are not alone in our struggles. To pave the way for better days, she shares her story to help others brave the beauty of sweet surrender, embrace the freedom of forgiveness and find greater happiness in life. Follow along with the lessons and tips she learns that take her from grief, heartache and pain to love, peace and purpose.

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About the Author

Faith-based best-selling author, certified life coach, impact speaker, podcaster and entrepreneur Jamie Watkins wants women everywhere to embrace their stories, stand confidently in their truths and create the lives they want!  Often called the “Happiness Coach,” she is the founder of My Peace of Happy, a coaching, consulting and community brand dedicated to uplifting others. Jamie is known for her infectious smile, positive energy, down-to-earth approach and keen ability to connect with a powerful message rooted in self-acceptance, empowerment and living with purpose. 

Jamie shares her story with women all over the world, to let them know they are not alone. As a recovering perfectionist and planning control freak, she understands what it's like to be “stuck” trying to control the uncontrollable and fix the unfixable. Jamie’s mission is to inspire women to love themselves enough to know with certainty, they are enough, equipped, and empowered for purpose.