Hi I'm Jamie! I’m so happy you’re reading this! Now that you know me on a first name basis, let me share a little more about myself. I’m a certified life coach, impact speaker, author, and podcaster. Also known as your “Happiness Coach”, I help women lean into the freedom of knowing they are enough, equipped and empowered to fulfill their purpose.

Having found myself “missing”, exhausted, and overwhelmed at the end of my first marriage, I sought to discover self-worth and purpose. I embarked on my journey of self-love and found the courage to reinvent myself, my happiness and step into my purpose with confidence.

I created My Peace of Happy to empower women to regain control of their life and live it with purpose. I’ve turned my transformation into my signature Lifestyle Success Strategy to help women to unlock their potential and create the life they really want.

My simple, yet significant step-by-step framework empowers women to recognize their worth, gain clarity on their purpose and create Lifestyle Success.

I look forward to helping you step into your next level of GREATER!

 Your Happiness Coach,


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“I equip everyday women with the tools to create extraordinary lives!”

– Jamie Watkins

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