Maybe it’s time to find better friends! Have you ever come away from an encounter feeling absolutely drained, both physically and emotionally? The journey to true happiness and fulfillment includes being purposeful about the company you keep. When you’re around people who are not good for you, it feels as if happiness is sucked out of the room. You come away from every encounter feeling some kind of way. You might even be doubting yourself and your abilities. Toxic friendships are like that. They steal your peace of mind and leave you dissatisfied with life in general.

Take inventory of who you spend your time with. Ask the hard questions and have the courageous conversations. Become picky about the company you keep and who gets access to you. I share so often on cultivating your circle because it’s that important to your overall well-being. Find the people who feed your soul, who lift you up and who challenge you to be your BEST self.

Your circle should leave you feeling better about yourself and life in general. Choose the people who leave you energized and better able to face the world. Decide your tribe! This includes family to which we may have no choice but to associate with on occasion. That being said, they are no exception to the boundaries you establish to protect your peace.

You may need to reassess relationships that exists merely out of an obligation to your past, but no longer serve you well in your present. Ask yourself what you need most in this season and surround yourself with people and resources that will provide it. This may look like cleaning up your social media feeds and follows as well. While it may be necessary to sever ties in some cases, other cases may just mean momentarily allowing yourself distance.

Create space for yourself to grow in the areas of your life you’re looking to focus in on. This will help you to further pursue your purpose and dreams without the burden of toxic people close to you inviting discouragement and negative energy. Community plays a major role in who we are, we should grow better together! Be intentional about cultivating your circle, you’ll be glad you did!

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